Vitalizer Plus™ Oxygen Water Make System


The Vitalizer Plus™ Hexagonal Oxygen Water Maker technology incorporates basic principles utilized in nature, to create a special life-enhancing water your body will love.

It uses movement. Water naturally forms vortices when flowing around stones and other objects, oxygenates itself in the vortices and by flowing over stones and little water falls, receiving far infrared(FIR) enhancement from the sun and electromagnetic stimulants from granite type rocks and the earth’s natural magnetic field.

In nature, this life-enhancing water begins with rain or snow which is naturally energized and if not polluted with atmospheric acids, is often highly structured.

Therefore, in the Vitalizer Plus™, a highly powerful vortex, electromagnetic fields and ceramic materials emitting FIR energy emulate the natural phenomena which create healthy water in nature.

Scientific research from many studies found in the newly translated book “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” makes a strong, well documented case for the observed presence of hexagonal water around healthy cells and organs and five sided or Penta water structures around cancer cells and sick organs. Magnetically produced hexagonal water is the most stable according to research, vs. structured water produced by ionizers.

The end result is a super wetting, hexagonal structure carrying extra oxygen, energy and selected ionic minerals deep into the cellular environment in seconds.

Vitalizer Plus™ System
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Comes with one Mineral Cube

Vitalizer Plus™ Mineral Cubes

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