Health and Happiness for You and Your Pet

More and more people are understanding that well-being encompasses body, mind and spirit, and as a result, are turning to complementary therapies and healing tools such as the BioMat & Quantum Wave Laser to improve and enhance not only their quality of life, but that of their pets.

images-2As we are experiencing the benefits  alternative therapies for ourselves, we also look for alternative ways of caring for our pets. As simple as drinking pure, healthy Adya Filtered Water and Adya Clarity Black Mica Minerals will assist you and your pet in achieving and maintaining a natural state of balance and well-being and/or to adapt to physical limitations, changes, or injuries.

images-3Illness and even the normal aging process can manifest in signs of pain and reduced energy in pets as well as in humans. Your personal stress can be reflected in your pets and create illness for them.

Animals thrive on Adya pure filtered water rich in black mica minerals. Just as for humans dealing with a stressful world, Cats, dogs, horses and in fact all animals benefit from energy therapy such as the Quantum Wave Laser or the comfort and infra-red technology of the BioMat  bringing relaxation, comfort, more energy, healing and an increased sense of well-being.