Enjoy this magical blend of chanting, flowing oceans, whale songs & Diana singing whale language, Paiste gong, bells, Tibetan bowls, drums and the loving embrace of the Divine. Experience and receive the blessings and activations of the Divine Frequencies of Love, grace and compassion of Quan Yin and the Divine Mothers flowing through to awaken your own multi-dimensional gifts and abilities.

This CD was produced as a co-creation with the Divine Mothers & LighTeam Masters. It is a high vibrational energy tool. We recommend playing it quietly on continuous play in the background to raise and clear energy fields in your environment for optimal functionality or with headphones for meditation, creation and expansion. ENJOY!

Listen to a 30 second clip from “Quan Yin’s Heart”

After listening to the CD my body and spirit went into the harmony and balance that I feel after camping in nature for weeks… rejuvenated & filled with chi.
— Ann A., Mt. Shasta, CA

Diana’s gift is singing the Goddess into form. Her chanting is awakening my soul.
— Mary M., Fla.

For the first time in my life I am seeing and remembering my dreams after playing ‘OCEAN OF LOVE’ quietly on continuous play in the background while I slept. I awakened with much more energy. Thank you for this gift!
— J L, Hong Kong

Diana Gazes CD’s activate one’s DNA through the sound frequencies in her voice. Through telepathic receptivity, you experience Interdimensional energetic waves that release blocks, activate healing, while reweaving the matrix of one’s energy field.
— Dorothea Joyce, CA

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Quan Yin’s Heart – 9:13  ($2)

Sun Goddess Radiance – 14:44  ($2)

Sound Currents – 2:59  ($2)

Whale Dreaming – 8:09  ($2)

Gathering of the Goddesses – 8:43  ($2)