Ocean Of Freedom carries the vibrations of freedom, empowerment and celebration. As a clear transmitter of higher cosmic energies, Diana Gazes’ voice with gong, bells, drums, ocean waves accompanied by the song of the whales and her whale language opens a harmonic bridge between the worlds.

Experience and receive the blessings and activations of the Divine Frequencies of Love, grace and compassion of Quan Yin and the Divine Mothers flowing through to awaken your own multi-dimensional gifts and abilities. This CD was produced as a co-creation with the Divine Mothers & Lighteam Masters.

It is a high vibrational energy tool. We recommend playing it quietly on continuous play in the background to raise and clear energy fields in your environment for optimal functionality or with headphones for meditation, creation and expansion. ENJOY!


Listen to a 30 second clip from “Quan Yin’s Grace”

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Individual Tracks

Quan Yin’s Grace – 6:44  ($2)

Whale Blessings – 6:00  ($2)

Journey to Clarity – 6:08  ($2)

Sun Goddess – 5:27  ($2)

Joyful Communion – 5:10  ($2)

Star Mothers’ Transmission – 4:38  ($2)

Transformation (Gong Bath) – 9:17  ($2)