Health is important to every living being on earth which is why we will be sharing many ways of taking the Power of Healing & Rejuvenation back into your own hands. This is a ‘Portal’ for supporting Body & Soul in this time of change.

ABOUT: Our goal is to provide you with high frequency tools and products that nurture and support your health and well-being on all levels.

For years I have promised the students of my “Self Healing”, “Energy Mastery” and “Quantum Rejuvenation” Workshops that I will share my health secrets, super food drinks, bath formulas, home-made face creams, masks and hair treatments. I whip up these recipes in my kitchen using simple, natural ingredients, vitamins and herbs for staying healthy, vibrant and AGELESS …  Well here it is – Enjoy! Loving Blessings, Diana

Adya Clarity Minerals & Portable Water Filter System for Better Health


Adya’s products are non-toxic, free of synthetic chemicals and 100% natural., giving your water a pure delicious taste. Isn’t it time to stop carrying heavy water bottles home. Be part of the solution – plastic is polluting the planet!

The Black Mica Minerals & Filtration system remove or reduce more drinking water contaminants than the leading filtration brands … including Heavy Metals, Chlorination & Fluoride.

Through testing conducted by an independent, U.S. EPA-certified laboratory,our products have been proven to remove or reduce over 250 contaminants from water. Compare the ability of Adya’s products to any of the leading brands, and you will see why Adya is the manufacturer who provides the most comprehensive solution in water treatment for better health.


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Quantumwave Lasers

Quantum Laser for health

The Scaler Wave Laser is a cold or low level laser system that has been designed to gently rejuvenate and unwind the cells, clearing the cell memory for overall improved health of the body.

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Pets Need Healing Too!

Puppy health

Your pet’s health is just as important as your health! They are our companions. Please check out some of the uses of our amazing products for your pet as well.


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Amethyst Biomat


AMETHYST BIOMAT for better healthSatisfy your body’s health needs within minutes. The Amethyst BioMat transforms normal rest into deep states of relaxation and renewal. It makes the bed warm and cozy on a chilly night.

Combining the wonders of nature, this innovative technology brings together Far Infrared Light, the most beneficial and safe light rays, with Negative Ions, the power that energizes our entire body, and Amethyst Crystals, which enhance the balancing and regenerative health effects.

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5th Dimensional Products


These products spark your energetic awareness using sound and high frequency images. People often play the CDs  on continuous play to create a clear harmonious energy field within their environment. It can improve mental health in so many ways. For more info CLICK HERE

healthDigital Download of Ocean of Freedom $11


healthDigital Download of Ocean of Love $11


healthDigital Download of Transmission $11


Advanced Energy Healing Sessions

Good health with Diana Gazes

Contact Diana for Advanced Energy Healing Sessions. Long distance telephone/Skype sessions available worldwide. Take the first steps to health.

The sessions and evening events are designed to support people in gracefully moving through the great acceleration now occurring on Earth. Truly, each session is unique and much more happens than could possibly be written about or expressed. I am always amazed, deeply touched and honored to serve in this way.

With each successive private or group session a person has, the clearer the flow opens to their Authentic and Empowered Self. Each session a person has is like peeling away another layer of an onion clearing deeper levels that reveals and activates more of your divine gifts and mastery.

The information on this website and these tools are not a replacement for medical advice, nor are we suggesting that you ignore the guidance of qualified medical help. Always seek  professional medical help when necessary.